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What products are manufactured by the company "Aircraft paint technologies"?

Our company develops and manufactures paint removers, surface cleaning agent, and compositions for removing of special coatings.

What is advantages of your products?

Low prices, highest quality. Our products are sertified for aviation, relatively safe, biodegradable, easy to use.

What kind of paints can be removed by your products?

APS strippers remove almost all modern paint coatings, including alkyd, nitrocellulose, acrylic, epoxide, polyurethane, powder coatings, etc. Also they remove varnishes from wood, some azures and enamels and a variety of special coatings.

Do your products smell?

A number of our APS-A strippers have a pronounced odor. We intentionally do not mask the smell of our products do not add any fragrances, because the use of fragrances can lead to non-use of personal protective equipment, which, in turn, can lead to serious industrial poisoning.

What personal protective equipment is recommended?

Masks and half-masks for respiratory protection and special gloves for hand protection. They are listed on our website. PPE are sold in specialized shops.

From what surfaces can I remove the paint?

Our paint removers are applied on stone, concrete, paving stones, brickwork, and can also remove paint from various metal surfaces. All compositions contain special inhibitors, and proper use of paint removers does not lead to corrosion of steel and aluminum. Paint removers of the M series can remove paints from copper, bronze, brass. Eco-series compositions can be used on a number of plastics: PET, PVC, PE, etc.

How to apply your paint removers?

Brush, pour, spray (special setup). For products of small size in some cases it is more convenient to use the dipping method.

Still have questions? Write us, we will consider them. All necessary documentation is available by request.