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Products for aviation and other industries

All our paint removers are manufactured in 25L canisters.

aps a

APS-A series

Multipurpose paint remover, based on methylene chloride with ammonia. Capable to remove almost all modern aircraft paints. Details->

aps a7

APS-Eco series

Авиационная смывка. Соответствует спецификации BOEING D6-17487. Наносится кистью или установкой. Details->


APS-M series

Really strong paint remover (based on methylene chloride with methanoic acid), which can be used for very stable aircraft paints - epoxy-baking paints and for highly cross-linked  polyurethanes. Details->

Solv ALT

Solvent 602/218

Solvent for finishing cleaning (degreasing) of surfaces before painting, washing of painting equipment, removal of various contaminants: lubricants, bitumen, graffiti. Details->

Solv ALT

SVP-4 paint stripper

Ecologically friendly paint remover (based on water). It is used to remove very chemically stable paints - epoxy-baking paints highly cross-linked polyurethanes, etc. Acting time is 30 min to 16 hours. Remains wet for at least 24 hours.  Details->