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APS-Eco series

General description:

APS-Eco is a viscous, white colored, water based paint remover. It is used to remove a wide variety of coatings: polyurethanes, epoxides, acrylic paints, etc. It can be applied on incline, vertical, horizontal or overhead surfaces. No mixing or dilution prior application is needed.


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  • Contains no phenols, cyanides, acids, heavy metals, chloro-organic solvents

  • It is safe to use on aircraft aluminum and titanic alloys. Don’t use on magnesium alloys and high strength steels.

  • It is possible to leave APS-Eco paint remover on the aircraft surface for 24 hours

Preparation: Prior to application of product, remove any grease and heavy dirt from aircraft. Ensure all areas not to be stripped are suitably protected.

Test area: Apply a small test application to determine proper product dwell times, application thickness, final removal and cleanup methods.

Temperature: Ambient and surface temperatures are critical during the stripping process. The product is more effective in warm temperatures. The operation temperature is +10 - +40°C.

Application: Always work in adequate ventilation. Thoroughly mix the remover each time prior to use. Spray, pour or brush paint remover with uniform thin layer onto clean surface with paint to be removed. Prevent the formation of finely dispersed aerosol, when spraying. Check the stability of materials used in airless sprayer towards the paint remover. Stainless steel, PP, PE, teflon, fluoroelastomer are suitable materials. Spraying nozzles from 0.019 to 0.025 inches with spraying angle 40°-60° are recommended (e.g. GRACO 619-625, 519-525, 419-425). Minimal convention pressure in transport house is advised. Allow some time for paint remover to stay on the surface until paint is loosened. Softened paint should be removed by water with high pressure setup, by shovel or by laminated fabric palette knife. Repeat the application if some residues of paint exist.

Dwell Time: Allow sufficient dwell time to obtain optimum results. It is always advisable to complete a small test patch to establish proper dwell time. Most paint systems will take approximately 4-8 hours to lift. You may leave the remover on the aircraft surface for 24 hours if necessary.

Precautions: Ensure all necessary local safety precautions and transportation specifications. Before use, read carefully and understand instructions in MSDS (available on request). It contains data on health, hazards, handling of the product and first aid recommendations.

Utilization: Please, find the information on utilization in MSDS (available on request).