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APS-A21 paint remover

General description:

APS-A21 is a yellow colored, ammonia-activated paint remover. It is used to remove a wide variety of coatings: polyurethanes, epoxides, acrylic paints, etc. It is used for dipping method. No mixing or dilution prior application is needed. It is the best solution for removing of any type of paints from automobile wheels.


  • Fast acting

  • Contains no phenols, cyanides, acids or heavy metals

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  • Nonflammable
  • It is safe to use on all aircraft structural alloys, including aluminum, magnesium, titanic alloys, mild steels, high strength steels.

Preparation: Prior to application of product, remove any grease and heavy dirt. Ensure all areas not to be stripped are suitably protected.

Temperature: Ambient and surface temperatures are critical during the stripping process. The product is more effective in warm temperatures. The operation temperature is -5 - +30°C, the optimal temperature range is +15 - +30°C.

Application: Always work in adequate ventilation. Thoroughly mix the remover each time prior to use. For dipping method pure the paint remover into chemically stable tank from stainless still, polyethylene, etc. Put the item to be cleaned into solution. Item should be fully covered by paint remover, the above layer should be at least 1-2 cm. Wait untill the paint is loosened, then wash it with high pressurized water, or by abrasive blasting.

Dwell Time: Allow sufficient dwell time to obtain optimum results. It is always advisable to complete a small test patch to establish proper dwell time. Most paint systems will take from10 minutes to 1 hour to lift. It depends on different factors, such as: type and thickness of paints, temperature of surface to clean, ambient temperature.

Precautions: Ensure all necessary local safety precautions and transportation specifications. Before use, read carefully and understand instructions in MSDS (available on request). It contains data on health, hazards, handling of the product and first aid recommendations.

Utilization: Please, find the information on utilization in MSDS (available on request).